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Synapse- region where communication occurs between two neurons or between a neuron and efector cell presynaptic neuron- nerve cell that carries a nerve impulse toward a synapse sends a signal postsynaptic cell- cell that receives signal postsynaptic neuron- carries nerve impulse away from a synapse efector cell- responds to the impulse at the synapse Most synapses are axodendritic- axon to dendrite, while others are axoaxonic- axon to axon electrical synapse- AP impulses conduct directly between plasma membranes of adjacent neurons through gap junctions which contain tubular connexons aka tunnels to connect cytosol of two cells directly. All excitatory and inhibitory signals that control movement converge on motor neurons, also known as lower motor neurons LMNs or the inal common pathway. The limbic system encircles the upper part of the brain stem and the corpus callosum. Åkesson kan prata som en normal människa, är inte misstänkt för landsförräderi och verkar ha ett normalt temperament. Sexbrotten ökade med procent på två år - unt.

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Notes Unit 2 - Summary Principles of Anatomy and Physiology

Their secretion is controlled by ACTH. Most of the luid is absorbed into the blood across the arachnoid villi of the superior sagittal sinus. Hej åsiktsfrände, jag uppskattar ditt sarkastiska -och låt mig inflika, mycket humoristiska- sätt att läxa upp nazisterna på sweddit. Polysynaptic relex arc- more than 2 types of neurons and more than 1 CNS synapse 4. Sensory neurons carry sensory information into the CNS. Decreased cardiac output, low BP o Nervous system:

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